German League of Legends champion to compete in Challenger Series qualifier

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Teams taking part in the ESL German National Championship already had some good news earlier this year as the support was extended for the German league. Now competitors will have one more reason to bring their A-game to every single match: the German champion of the 2015 winter season will be going on to compete as part of the qualifier for Challenger Series, for a chance at making it into the LCS!

Michael Bister, product manager of the ESL German National Championship, said of this new opportunity for German League of Legends teams:
“The ESL German National Championship has always been a place for the best German players and teams to make a name for themselves and head onwards towards the international challenges ahead. In League of Legends, making it to the Challenger Series is a huge step for a team, and we are incredibly excited to be able to help the best German team make it into the qualifier for the 2016 Challenger Series Spring Tournament.”

Get all details in the German announcement

Ambitious German team mousesports already fought hard in the Challenger Series during the summer season. However, they got bested by PENTA Sports, as EURONICS Gaming back then, during the final match at this year’s gamescom.

For the upcoming winter season of the ESL German National Championship, we can look forward to even more top contenders thanks to its new link to the the Challenger Series and the chance for participating teams to make it into Riot’s prestigious LCS competition and representing the German community in the tournament.

Further details on the upcoming season of the ESL German National Championship will follow soon, so stay tuned to ESL Germany on Facebook and Twitter to get all the information you need to compete for this huge chance for all competitive League of Legends teams in Germany!