Get ready for Season 2 of the WGLNA World of Tanks Gold League!

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The eight best World of Tanks Gold League teams in North America are preparing for the first matches of the season. The Season 2 kickoff is less than a week away with the first games starting on Tuesday, January 10. This season, the eight teams will be competing to win their share of an amazing $325,000 prize pool!


There will be two new teams joining the league this season. One joined from the Gold League Qualifiers and the other from winning the Silver League. The Silver League champion, Valence, defeated the Red Candids and Danger Close to automatically advance to the Gold League. You may recognise some other WGLNA veterans such as their captain LostThatLovinFeeling as well as Vyrall and Statik on the team.

Top Tier emerged as the victor from the pool of 25 teams in the Gold League Qualifier! They fought their way through a talented bracket to face the second place Silver League team, Danger Close. Danger Close were once again denied advancement into Gold League as Top Tier defeated them 5-1 to claim the final spot in this season. You will find WGLNA veterans such as Dealth_, JoJoJacky, and Rude_Awakening on this roster.


This season we will have a new caster joining us at the desk! Randall “Ruukil” Halcombe will be joining James “Rockstarx12” Grieve to complete the newest Gold League dynamic casting duo. Viewers were ecstatic to see the popular caster Ruukil in his surprise return to the desk during the Gold League Qualifiers. Ruukil should be an old face to many veteran viewers as he casted several of the early seasons of Gold League.


The eight WGLNA World of Tanks Gold League teams will be competing throughout the season for a huge $325,000 prize pool! The team lucky enough to win first place will be walking away with a hefty paycheck of $96,000 for their achievement. If you didn’t think that was enough, the teams will also be competing towards representing North America at the Grand Finals 2017 where the best World of Tanks players from each of the four regions around the globe will come together for a massive international tournament.


The first matches of the Gold League North Ameica will start on January 10 at 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern. You can watch the matches live at

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