Give ESL Fantasy for ESL One Cologne 2015 a shot and win prizes!

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ESL One Cologne 2015 will be the world’s biggest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event yet as well as the next Valve major - and now you can get even more invested by taking part in the ESL Fantasy league! With some great prizes up for grabs including HyperX hardware and in-game items, it’s definitely worth a shot!

How it works

ESL Fantasy for ESL One Cologne 2015 will use a classic budget-based system, with managers to be provided with a starting budget of $5,500 with which to fill the five positions on their CS:GO team.

Fantasy points will be awarded as follows:

Kills Assists Deaths 3 kills 4 kills
1 0.5 -1 1 2
5 kills Round win Round loss Team kills First kills
3 1 -1 -1 0.5

As all playoff matches are best of three and thus may result in a different number of maps being played, the result of all matches are multiplied to three maps. This means that the each player’s stats will be added up, divided by the number of maps played and multiplied by three.

Private leagues

If you only want to play against your friends as opposed to all participating ESL Fantasy managers, you can also make private leagues.

Private fantasy leagues for ESL One Cologne 2015 are limited to ten participants and use the draft system, meaning managers must pick five active players and two for the bench. Points are awarded in the same way as they are in the public league (see the table above).


Those who come out on top of the ESL One Cologne 2015 public fantasy league will also be able to get their hands on some cool prizes including state of the art HyperX hardware and in-game items.

The full prize list is as follows:

Fancy getting your hands on some of the above?

Sign up for ESL Fantasy for ESL One Cologne here!

For all the latest about ESL One Cologne, be sure to visit the official website as well as follow ESL CS on Facebook and Twitter.