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Today, we'd like to introduce you to one of our major competitions on ESL Play, the Go4 series, which basically is a weekly cup series with prize-money. But that's not all! A lot of nowadays pro players have made their way up to the top tier talents of their games by getting recognized in Go4 competitions, e.g. fnatic's League of Legends player Enrique 'xPeke' Martinez and his team mate Bora 'yellowstar' Kim. Furthermore, the German team Killerfish have gained major attention through winning various Call of Duty Go4 competitions in Black Ops II at that time. So the Go4 series offers a great chance for ambitious players to take the next step into the pro gaming scene. Are you ready to follow the roots of xPeke and Co? In the end, there may be a sponsorship contract with RedBull, BenQ or player contract for one of the world's largest eSports organizations waiting for you.

Go4CoD:AW powered by Scuf Gaming
A Go4 usually consists of a weekly cup series leading into a monthly final. However, Go4CoD:AW only consists of weekly cups featuring 100€ prize-money for first place. Even if you cannot win a cup it still makes sense to come as far as possible, since you gain ranking points according to your placements. Based on these ranking points teams are seeded for the next cup they play in. So the better your ranking position, the more likely it is that you get an easy bracket. To check the updated rankings and further facts about the cup series visit our Go4CoD:AW portal under

Start: Sunday 3pm CET
Check-in: Sunday 2:30pm
Weekly prize-money: 100€
Mode: 4on4 Competitive

You can find further details on the rules by checking the cups in the app. We wish all participants the best of luck for the tournaments. If you are looking for a team or player, please visit