Group A of CS:GO at IEM Taipei delivered a lot of action on day one

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The first day of the official CS:GO Minor at Intel Extreme Masters Taipei saw the race for the US$50,000 prize pool kick off, as well as one coveted invite spot for the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship and two spots for the offline qualifier of the MLG Columbus CS:GO Major. With all these rewards with the teams’ grasps, we kicked of the action in group A, seeing Risky Gaming, Chiefs eSports Club, MVP Karnal and CyberZen going head to head.

The Chinese team CyberZen made it clear early, why they were invited alongside Renegades. After sending Risky Gaming to the losers match, they turned up big playing the Chiefs eSports Club, who won a tough match over MVP Karnal. Here, CyberZen showed a dominant match, letting the Chiefs only score three rounds, before they took the semi finals spot. Waiting for their final opponent in the decider match, Chiefs as well as the fans saw Risky Gaming besting MVP Karnal before the decider came up. While Risky Gaming took the upper hand early on, Chiefs came back and turned the game around to take the second place in the group and advance to the semi finals.

How Intel Extreme Masters - group A went down:

Matchup Result
CyberZen vs. Risky Gaming 16-10
Chiefs eSports Club vs. MVP Karnal 16-14
CyberZen* vs. Chiefs eSports Club 16-3
Risky Gaming vs. MVP Karnal 16-8
Risky Gaming vs. Chiefs eSports Club* 9-16
*Qualified for the semi finals

Group B of Intel Extreme Masters Taipei will see Renegades, TyLoo, The MongolZ as well as Eat You Alive fight for the remaining spots in the semi finals, starting Saturday at 10:00 CNST (UTC+8), so we won’t have to wait that long before the action continues.

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