Grouping up in day two of StarCraft at Intel Extreme Masters gamescom

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Day two of StarCraft at Intel Extreme Masters gamescom saw the players of groups A and B fight it out for a place in Saturday’s quarterfinals. With eight top-notch players wanting the chance to take a shot at the tournament’s US$25,000 prize pool and 750 of the 2,000 available WCS points, the game was on.

Group A

A largely swift and decisive Group A started off the second day of StarCraft action at Intel Extreme Masters gamescom. With four players from Korea, Russia and Germany coming together to duke it out to decide who would advance, in the end it was soO and MMA who triumphed.

Upper bracket

Matchup Result
soO vs. HeRoMaRinE 2-0
Happy vs. MMA 1-2
soO vs. MMA 2-0

Lower bracket

Matchup Result
HeRoMaRinE vs. Happy 0-2
MMA vs. Happy -  2-0

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Group B

Group B saw France and the Netherlands enter the fray in the form of Lilbow and Ret alongside the well-known Korean duo FanTaSy and INnoVation, the latter of which we examined in an Intel Extreme Masters gamescom player spotlight. After some tense games, it was FanTaSy and INnoVation who emerged from Group B victorious.

Upper bracket

Matchup Result
INnoVation vs. Ret 2-0
Lilbow vs. FanTaSy 1-2
INnoVation vs. FanTaSy 1-2

Lower bracket

Matchup Result
Lilbow vs. Ret 2-0
Lilbow vs. INnoVation 0-2

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Tune in tomorrow!

Join us tomorrow for day three of StarCraft at Intel Extreme Masters gamescom! Groups C and D will be being played at the ESL studios in Cologne, Germany, before the quarterfinals on Saturday, so be sure to tune in!

Watch here tomorrow from 12:00 CEST!

You can find our recap of yesterday’s open bracket here, and for the latest about the event head over to the Intel Extreme Masters site and follow Intel Extreme Masters on Facebook and Twitter as well as the #IEM hashtag!