Groups conclude in day three of StarCraft at Intel Extreme Masters gamescom

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The working week has come to a close but there’s still plenty of StarCraft II action to come over the weekend at Intel Extreme Masters gamescom. With the final places in tomorrow’s quarterfinals to be decided and one step closer to the US$25,000 prize pool and WCS point to take, groups C and D made for some exciting games.

Group C

Group C started off a day of StarCraft II with a mixture of decisive 2-0s and back-and-forth victories. After all the matches were concluded, it was ForGG and Lambo who were ultimately revealed to be the group’s quarterfinal tributes.

Upper bracket

Matchup Result
State vs. uThermal 2-0
Lambo vs. ForGG 1-2
State vs. ForGG 0-2

Lower bracket

Matchup Result
uThermal vs. Lambo 0-2
State vs. Lambo 1-2

Check out the group C highlights and more on!

Group D

Group D definitely looked to be the group of death from the outset. Its battles were fiercely fought, with most victories far from clear-cut, but in the end it was Nerchio and Patience who succeeded in advancing to the next stage.

Upper bracket

Matchup Result
StarDust vs. Patience 1-2
Nerchio vs. TLO 2-1
Patience vs. Nerchio 1-2

Lower bracket

Matchup Result
StarDust vs. TLO 2-0
Patience vs. StarDust 2-0

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Next stop: the quarterfinals!

Tomorrow will see us return to the ESL studios for the last time for the Intel Extreme Masters gamescom quarterfinals. With four exciting matchups before Sunday’s semi and grand finals, there’s a packed weekend of top-notch StarCraft action ahead!

Tune in from tomorrow at 15:00 CEST!

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