Guild Wars 2 joins ESL’s Go4 with $25,000 competition

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ESL is happy to announce that it will be working with ArenaNet in order to help develop the esports scene of its globally successful MMORPG Guild Wars 2. With ArenaNet’s World Tournament Series already searching for the world’s best Guild Wars 2 players, we hope to encourages up and coming professional players of all levels by adding further events and prized tournaments to what is already a rapidly growing scene.


The Go4 Guild Wars 2 cups, held in both America and Europe will pay out a total of US $25,000 to the best talent in the two regions. Supplementing the already extant esports offering in Guild Wars 2, the cups provide teams with regular opportunities to grow their skills and compete for prize money, with games played every Sunday and a monthly final between the top eight teams taking place at the beginning of each month.

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Running the ESL Go4 Guild Wars 2 tournament series in the US and EU is a great opportunity for the game’s community. Finally, players have a clear path to improve their skill and tactics in a stable competitive environment. Improving and getting ready for the World Tournament Series has become a lot easier, and the rest of the community will profit from regular tournament streams with the highest level of play on a weekly basis,” said David Hiltscher (Vice President of Gaming Communities, ESL).

GO4 Guild Wars 2 will have Sunday cups that pay out US$500 in North America and €500 in Europe per week and determine contenders for the US$1,500 / €1,500 monthly finals in the two regions. For more information please visit our North American and our European Guild Wars 2 sections.