Halo World Championship team profile: eLevate Wildcats

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TEAM: eLevate Wildcats
REGION: North America

  • Swift Kill (Team Captain)
    Real Name: Alex Ramirez
  • Penguin
    Real Name: Zane Christopher
  • Calm Mentality
    Real Name: Justin Tyler Mozingo
  • Rayne
    Real Name: Timothy Lewis Tinkler
  • Coach: Chig
    Real Name: Kyle Douglas Lawson

eLevate Wildcats originally qualified for the Halo World Championship as Noble eSports, by finishing in the top eight at the Halo World Championship Tour: Columbus. After that Regional, the players joined the roster of eLevate and will be representing North American in the Championship.

ESL: What is your team's strongest/weakest map?
eLevate: Our strongest map would have to be Plaza. Weakest is Rig.

ESL: In your opinion, what is the best Spartan ability and what’s the best way to use it?
eLevate: The Thruster Pack spartan ability stands out above the rest because of its versatility. It can be used to aggressively finish kills, back away from a losing fight, and to throw off an opponent's aim.

ESL: What was the greatest obstacle your team had to overcome in order to qualify for worlds?
eLevate: Overdrive was pretty good.

ESL: What part of your game does your team have to improve on most in order to win?
eLevate: Staying alive when we are down in numbers.

ESL: Which team are you most excited to play? Least excited to play?
eLevate: Most excited to play: CLG. Least excited to play: Liquid.

The Halo World Championship will happen live in Hollywood, California on March 18-20 where 16 teams from around the world will compete for the title of Halo World Champion and a share of the $2,500,000 prize pool. Follow us for more #HaloWC news on Facebook and Twitter as we get closer to what promises to be the biggest Halo event the world has ever seen!