HCS Pre-Season Cup #1 Recap

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The first Halo Championship Series Pre-Season Cup is in the books for ESL Halo! Counter Logic Gaming took 1st place after a 3-2 series win against OpTic Halo in the Grand Finals on Sunday night.

As fan favorites going into the tournament, it comes as no surprise to see Counter Logic Gaming (formerly known as StK) push their way through the entire 128 team open bracket, only dropping a handful of games. Other notable teams such as Evil Geniuses, VwS Gaming, and Denial eSports placed in the Top 16 as well.

The event featured many notable matches from Scorched Halo upsetting the well rounded roster of VwS Gaming, to Counter Logic Gaming winning 2-0 over the newly formed Evil Geniuses roster. Below are the top placings for the HCS Pre-Season Cup #1 by ESL!

Top 8 Team Placings:

1st) Counter Logic Gaming (Heinz, Royal 2, SnakeBite, OGRE 2)
2nd) OpTic Halo (Ace, Arkanum, Assault, Flamesword)
3rd/4th) Evil Geniuses (Snipedown, Pistola, Roy, Lunchbox)
3rd/4th) Tier 1 (Foxy, Gamesager, Giggle Monstar, Pandrawr)
5th-8th) New England Knights (Forbidden, Marky Mark, Sam, Stryker)
5th-8th) Neighborhood Watch (A2_, Chris, Thursbie, ZEOPHITE)
5th-8th) Scorched Halo (Nemassist, Svspector, Tragic, WinntuR)
5th-8th) WithoutWarning (Haggie, konfliction, ProjectxPatty, TwiTchAy)

It was announced that VwS Gaming would be sticking together for future tournaments; along with OpTic Halo picking up Assault as their new 3rd. OpTic Halo will be finalizing their 4th for the upcoming season in the coming week and will make an announcement soon.

Don’t forget to register for the Halo Championship Series Pre-Season Cup #2, happening this Sunday (November 30th). The tournament will again be FREE for all players. Sign up and test your skills against the best Halo players in North America.

If you have any feedback for the tournament, make sure to post on our Suggestion and Feedback thread on our Halo forums. Or follow and tweet at us @ESLHalo using the hashtag #HCS and get the latest updates on our Facebook page.