HellRaisers and Enigma6 join season 6 of the ESL Pro League - day two of the relegation matches

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Yesterday, on May 17th, the ESL Pro League season 5 relegation matches continued with the winner and elimination matches in both European and North American divisions. After the first matches, we had HellRaisers, BIG, Rush and Enigma6 in the winners’ bracket, and, PENTA, Ghost Gaming and The Foundation in the losers’ bracket.

European division vs. PENTA 0-2 - elimination match

  • 7 - 16 on inferno
  • 7 - 16 on train






HellRaisers vs. BIG 2-1 - winners’ match

  • 10 - 16 on cobblestone
  • 16 - 9 on overpass
  • 16 - 2 train





Congratulations to HellRaisers on keeping their ESL Pro League slot for season 6!

North American division

Ghost Gaming vs. The Foundation W-FF - elimination match

Due to the lack of a fifth player, The Foundation forfeited the match, making Ghost Gaming automatically advance to the decider match.

Rush vs. Enigma6 0-2 - winners’ match

  • 2 - 16 on mirage
  • 12 - 16 on cobblestone





Congratulations to Enigma6 for advancing to the ESL Pro League! We’re looking forward to seeing you play in season 6.

The relegation matches conclude today

Later today, May 18th, the decider matches for both European and North American divisions will be played, determining which last teams will join ESL Pro League in the next season. The match schedule is as follows:

  • BIG vs. PENTA at 16:00 CEST
  • Rush vs. Ghost Gaming at 19:00 EDT

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Tickets to the season finals in Dallas are available - join us in the legendary CS location as we witness Europe’s and North America’s best teams compete for the ESL Pro League Season 5 championship!