Helseth is "looking at nothing but first place" at Guild Wars 2 Season 2 Finals

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Alexandria Koulsoum
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With the Guild Wars 2 Pro League Season 2 finals just around the corner, we asked a few questions to none other than Sandro "Helseth" Olofsson of The Civilized Gentlemen. To know Helseth in the community is to know his notorious confidence, and his answers held true to his reputation. 

ESL: Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us! First up, you managed to beat Vermilion and secure a spot in the Finals and are the only team who didn’t compete in the Season 1 LAN. Have you started any special training to prepare for Finals?
Helseth: Our team is no stranger to LAN gameplay. Four of our members have been to multiple LAN events (WTS Boston, WTS colonge, WTS china) with consistent higher placings. We are not going to do anything special to prepare outside of getting as many compositions ready as possible if we need to adapt or surprise our opponents.

ESL: Who do you think is the biggest competitor from NA?
Helseth: NA is looked upon less as a threat and more as a way to warm up the teams for the EU final. We are very thankful to ArenaNet for providing us a chance to get in our groove after the flight.

ESL: Tell us a little about your team and how you guys got into the competitive scene.
Helseth: TCG has been a constant top placing team in the GW2 scene since the game was released. The current iteration of TCG features a reunion of three of the founding members including me, rom and denshee. TCG has always been a team which cared more about out-skilling the enemy team over focusing on crafting and countered them. However, we've now evolved since our last roster swap and take the theorycraft of the game very seriously, which eliminates our only weakness. We are going into this tournament looking at nothing but first place.

If you’ll be in Los Angeles on June 25 and want to see Helseth, The Civilized Gentlemen, and all our other Season finalists compete live, don’t forget to get your tickets to the show before they sell out!

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