"I can guarantee that the Evil Geniuses we will see tomorrow will not come out flat": an interview with team captain Snip3down

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Day 1 at the Halo World Championship 2016 has shown us that anything can happen. We have seen a lot of action and plenty of upsets. One of them was Renegades overcoming fan favorite Evil Geniuses in a tense series that went all the way to five games. We caught up with team captain Eric “Snip3down” Wrona after their loss to get his thoughts.

ESL: Thanks for your time, Snip3down. I wanted to touch base about your series with Renegades. How did you feel going into that series?
Snip3down: Going into that series I was definitely confident. I thought we had really good matchups and game types versus them. We just didn’t really communicate very well. Our coordination was off and it just felt like we really were not clicking. I don’t know if it was because it was the first match of the tournament or what it was, but they just got the better of us and took advantage of our mistakes.

ESL: It was a close series the entire way through. Both teams went back and forth and it went all the way down to a Game 5. What did you feel like your team was doing well enough to keep you in the series?
Snip3down: We just know how to play the game. We are usually pretty knowledgeable about what needs to be done. Renegades was playing faster than we were and that’s how you play this game. They definitely took advantage of situations where we would get a couple dead and they would stay alive while if we went down one it seemed like we would all go down at the same time. They definitely just played better as a team and that is really what caught us off guard. They just played faster and better in general.

ESL: The last time you guys lost a group match, you went on to win an X Games gold medal. What are you doing tonight in preparation for tomorrow?
Snip3down: I think everything that came after the loss is just us improving on what we lacked which was our communication and our coordination of pushes. Going into tomorrow we know that one loss does not really mean as much as long as we can get out of our pool. We are going to have a hard team to play if we get second in our pool. We will play a top seed from one of the other pools and that means we get a really good match up early. We can get some momentum off of that series if we win it and hopefully take that momentum into the rest of the tournament.

ESL: Can you say with confidence that the Evil Geniuses that we saw today will not make an appearance tomorrow?
Snip3down: I can guarantee that the Evil Geniuses that we will see tomorrow will not come out flat like we did against Renegades. I’m going to make sure that our team is pumped up going into every game. We didn’t really go over what needed to be done before the game types today which was a huge fault on our end. We needed that. Tomorrow we are going to make sure that there are no mistakes going into our series.

ESL: Thanks again for your time, Snip3down.

Evil Geniuses will look to bounce back from their loss tomorrow when the Halo World Championship 2016 resumes, and you can follow along every step of the way! Keep an eye on the Facebook and Twitter for all the news from the #HaloWC.