"I can't afford to make mistakes": Mortal Kombat X Season 3 Finalist Noble Raptor

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NAME: Weiminh Lam
HANDLE: Red Raptor
TWITTER: NobleRaptor
TWITCH: RedRaptor10

ESL: What was your most memorable moment from the Season 3 qualifiers? Why does it stand out among the rest of your experiences this season?
Noble Raptor: The most memorable moment for me was making it to grand finals during Week 6. I had to face Dragon, who I consider one of my biggest rivals in the ESL Season. I felt like I was playing at my absolute best during that set, almost beating Dragon and winning the whole thing.

ESL: With the Finals quickly approaching, how have you been preparing?
Noble Raptor: I’ve been playing with my local scene to get a feel for offline again. I also attended Combo Breaker. Once I know who all is qualified for the Finals, I’m going to be studying those specific matchups so that I’ll be ready.

ESL: Who would you say is your biggest threat?
Noble Raptor: There are so many threats at the Finals, especially guys like Scar, Dragon, and Foxy. My biggest threat however would be SonicFox, mainly because he’s considered the number one MKX player and has won the past two ESL championships.

ESL: Who are you looking forward to facing the most in the Finals?
Noble Raptor: I’m looking forward to playing everyone at the Finals, especially the international players because those guys don’t get to travel to the U.S. often.

ESL: What is your goal now that you are competing in the Season 3 Finals?
Noble Raptor: My goal now is to play my best and win. This will be my first time entering the ESL Finals and with $200,000 on the line, I can’t afford to make mistakes.

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