The IEM Taipei CS:GO champions have been crowned

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Today, the Taipei Game Show saw the grand final for the CS:GO tournament at Intel Extreme Masters Taipei. With a ticket to the offline qualifier for the CS:GO Major at MLG Columbus in their hands, both The MongolZ and Renegades had already achieved a lot so far. With a winner’s share of US30,000 and a spot at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship in March on the line however, there was even more to win.

Renegades vs. The MongolZ

Starting on Cobblestone, Renegades had the chance of making the group stage loss against The MongolZ forgotten. However, Machinegun and his team were able to stand strong, starting on CT half. A close 8-7 scoreline in favor of the The MongolZ left room for both teams to build on. After switching sides, it became obvious that it was The MongolZ map choice as they only let two more rounds slip to take the map by 16-9.

After switching over to Inferno it was on Renegades to reply to the strong play of The MongolZ. Starting on T-side, SPUNJ and his team fell to another solid defensive performance from The MongolZ, only scoring two rounds in the process and looking at a 2-13 score line at halftime. Seeing The MongolZ continuing their impressive performance against the favorite, they scored the remaining three rounds in one go, taking Inferno by storm with 16-2.

Taking the Intel Extreme Masters Taipei title only some month after going home as fourth during group stage at the ESL One Cologne Asia qualifier in Kuala Lumpur, is showing a great improvement. They are another interesting team to look out for at Katowice, as The MongolZ join Fnatic, Natus Vincere and other big names in group A of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship.

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