The IEM World Champion of StarCraft II has been crowned

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During the second week in Katowice, the Intel Extreme Masters saw a thrilling fight for the World Championship title as well as the lion’s share of the US$400,000 prize pool. In the biggest StarCraft II tournament of the year within IEM, 76 players took part in the three stages towards the grand final. In the end, it was Rogue who did not only lift the trophy but won this title in style, by a clean 4-0 victory over Classic.


Round of 12

Trap 3-2 Dark

Dear 3-2 Impact

Hurrican 0-3 Rogue

sOs 2-3 Maru

Round of 8

Serral 3-2 Trap

Classic 3-1 Dear

TY 1-3 Rogue

Solar 1-3 Maru


Serral 0-3 Classic

Rogue 3-2 Maru

Grand Final

Classic 0-4 Rogue

Thank you, Katowice!

We would love to thank all the players, staff and the fans for making this event a very special one for many.  Make sure to follow ESL StarCraft II on Facebook and Twitter for updates on our next events as well as our open competitions!