Immortals and Astralis complete the semi finals in CS:GO at IEM Katowice

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The quarter finals saw two more Danish teams trying to pave their way into the semi finals of IEM Katowice in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. With Immortals and Natus Vincere in their way it was interesting to see how the Danish run for the pinnacle of CS:GO would continue on the first day at Spodek Arena.

North vs. Immortals

After upsetting all Polish fans by kicking out during groups, North had to take on Immortals who only lost one match before the tiebreaker. On Cache, both teams showed great offensive tactics and a close match with the better end for Immortals. Another close call was Overpass as overtime was needed to determine the winner, with North making it all even. On Cobblestone, Immortals showed a dominant performance and closed out the series in their favor.

  • Cache: North 14-16 Immortals
  • Overpass: North 19-15 Immortals
  • Cobblestone: North 6-16 Immortals
  • Total: North 1-2 Immortals

Astralis vs. Natus Vincere

Major champions Astralis managed to underline their position on the top of CS:GO right now, giving Natus Vincere a hell of a quarterfinal. Starting on Mirage, they showed a solid defence before taking the game into their hands on T side and winning the first map. Keeping that run going, Nuke saw Astralis winning 14 T rounds and closing out the game with Na’Vi only winning one more round on their T side.

  • Cache: Astralis 16-11 Natus Vincere
  • Overpass: Astralis 16-2 Natus Vincere
  • Total: Astralis 2-0 Natus Vincere

Join us for the semi finals tomorrow!

Two more days at Spodek Arena will bring us a total of three more matches for the title. Tomorrow, the semi finals will see a Danish duel as well as a clash between FaZe and Immortals. Join us from 12:30 CET onward to find out who will make it to the grand final!

  • 12:30 CET: Immortals vs. FaZe
  • ~16:20 CET: Heroic vs. Astralis

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