Incredible games and surprising results on day five of StarCraft at IEM Katowice

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The analysts on the desk yesterday could not stop raving about the amazing series they got to witness and who can blame. We were treated by marvelous displays of skill with intense series that went all the way, crushing performances that left the viewers in awe and surprise results that the fewest would have predicted. Check out what happened in yesterday’s Ro12 and quarterfinals.


The Polish crowd was out in force yesterday, naturally looking forward to seeing their fellow Polish Zerg Nerchio perform against Stats, who was touted as a heavy favorite in the matchup. Much to the dismay of the local fans, Nerchio ended up dropping out of the competition with 0-3 against the Protoss who was simply on another level. With similarly dominant performances, both INnoVation and Dark managed to breeze through the Ro12 and the biggest surprised awaited the viewers between Zest and TY. Zest, as a former IEM Katowice champion, was expected to go deep in the tournament but he already met his match in TY in the very first series of the playoffs. TY is quickly showing how amazing his TvT is and Zest wasn’t the only Terran to witness that prowess yesterday.


The first quarterfinal was already simply remarkable. In an unexpected turn of events, aLive took a 2-0 lead over INnoVation who was widely regarded as the strongest player amongst the analysts. Bogus wouldn’t go quietly into the night though as he rallied back into the series with two important victories to equal the scores again at 2-2. In a thrilled game five, aLive managed to thwart the reverse sweep, dropping the heavy tournament favorite out of the competition in just the quarterfinals. Joining INnoVation in the ranks of the defeated are GuMiho, Serral and ByuN who each had to endure heartbreak on their end, falling prey to the winners of the previous Ro12, TY, Dark and Stats.

You find the complete bracket overview below, including the upcoming semi final matchups!

Join us for the semi and grand finals tomorrow!

Two Bo5 semifinals and a Bo7 grand final are on the menu tomorrow on what promises to be a fantastic final day of competition. The pre-show starts at 12:00 CET, so be sure to tune in as the panel gets everybody ready for the first game.You can find highlights and score updates on the IEM Facebook and Twitter pages, so be sure to follow them.