The Intel Challenge Katowice 2018 champions have been crowned

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The fourth iteration of the women’s CS:GO tournament, Intel Challenge Katowice 2018, took place last weekend at the IEM Expo. Eight teams from around the world competed for the coveted trophy and a lion’s share of the US$50,000 prize pool, and after several exciting matches, it was Team Dignitas who took it home.


Group A

  • 1st place - Team Dignitas 2-0
  • 2nd place - VivoKeyd 2-1
  • 3rd place - Team Singularity 1-2
  • 4th place - Team Go Home 0-2

Group B

  • 1st place - Sq.Prospect 2-0
  • 2nd place - RES Gaming 2-1
  • 3rd place - ARES 1-2
  • 4th place - CLG RED 0-2


  • Team Dignitas vs. RES Gaming 2-1 (11-16 inferno, 16-5 nuke, 16-6 train)
  • Sq.Prospect vs. VivoKeyd 2-0 (16-11 cobble, 16-14 mirage)

Third place match

  • RES Gaming vs. VivoKeyd 2-0 (16-7 mirage, 16-14 train)

Grand final

  • Team Dignitas vs. Sq.Prospect 2-0 (16-2 inferno, 16-4 train)


Congratulations to Team Dignitas, and a huge thank you to all teams, players, fans, and people who helped making this tournament happen!

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