The Intel Extreme Masters Cologne 2015 post-event coverage roundup

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Intel Extreme Masters Cologne has seen some historic League of Legends action, and the event’s 2015 iteration was no exception. Intel Extreme Masters Cologne 2015 boasted a hefty US$50,000 prize pool that was fought over by six top League of Legends teams from around the world. However, there could be only one winner, and when the dust settled after the grand final on Sunday it was Ever who emerged victorious. Here we’ve gathered some of the coverage highlights from the event - which was your favorite Intel Extreme Masters Cologne moment?

Team previews

Intel Extreme Masters Cologne 2015 saw some of the world’s top teams clash for supremacy at the ESL studios in Germany. In the leadup to the event, we briefly examined almost all of the competitors to try and assess how their prospects were looking before the battles began - check out our recaps below.


Intel Extreme Masters Cologne gave us three whole days of incredible League of Legends action, and we documented it all on social media as well as our daily recaps. Ever may have won in the end, but the teams’ Intel Extreme Masters journeys were definitely not a walk in the park.

Post-event coverage

Intel Extreme Masters Cologne may be over, but the memories are here to stay. As well as a collection of the tournament’s top plays, you can also relive the event in its entirety with our VODs or check out some of the fantastic photos taken by the ESL photography team.

We hope you enjoyed Intel Extreme Masters Cologne 2015! The next Intel Extreme Masters League of Legends competition will be at the World Championship in Katowice in 2016, so make sure to follow IEM on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates!