Intel Extreme Masters San Jose charity showmatch between Mark Cuban and Brian Krzanich raises $38,000!

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Intel Extreme Masters San Jose took place last weekend at the SAP Center, where thousand of fans filled the stadium ready to witness amazing matches and cheer for their favorite teams. Similar to last year’s event, Intel Extreme Masters San Jose had something special in store for the fans - Mark Cuban and Brian Krzanich battling it out in a League of Legends ARAM showmatch for charity.


Both Cuban and Karznich were joined by current and former professional players to form two legendary teams for a truly incredible matchup.

Team Krzanich

Team Cuban

SaintVicious (coach)

Snoopeh (coach)

Brian Krzanich

Mark Cuban









The match lasted for only 21 minutes but was packed with action and relentless kills - a grand total of 121! In the end, it was Team Cuban who took the glorious victory.


The showmatch raised a total of US$38,000 for the CyberSmile Foundation, an international anti-cyberbullying charity. We thank both Brian Krzanich and Mark Cuban for an amazing show, all the players who joined in and everyone who watched both at the stadium and online - see you in the Howling Abyss for the next ARAM!