The Intel® Extreme Masters Shanghai 2017 champion has been crowned!

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After three days of world-class StarCraft® II action, the time has come to determine which top Korean player will clinch the IEM Shanghai trophy. Left in the running were TY, ByuN, Rogue and herO and in the end, it was the Zerg player who bested all of his opponents claiming his first ever IEM championship.

Results and highlights


  • TY vs. herO 2-3 (Ascension to Aiur and Abyssal Reef for TY; Defender's Landing, Proxima Station and Sequencer for herO)
  • Rogue vs. ByuN 3-1 (Odyssey for Rogue; Blood Boil for ByuN; Abyssal Reef and Sequencer for Rogue)

Grand final

  • herO vs. Rogue 1-4 (Proxima Station for herO; Ascension to Aiur, Abyssal Reef, Defender's Landing and Blood Boil for Rogue)






Congratulations to Rogue for becoming our 2017 IEM Shanghai champion!

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who joined us and who helped making our 34th StarCraft tournament at IEM happen, as well as all of the great players who gave us many exciting matches!

The next stop of season 12 for IEM will be in Oakland - tickets are available.

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