Introducing the broadcast team for the North American Halo Championship Series: Pro League Fall 2016 Season

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Judy Heflin
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Tom “Tsquared” Taylor and Kyle “Elamite” Elam will be the North American casters throughout the Halo Championship Series: Pro League Fall 2016 Season! These two commentators took the stage together at the Summer 2016 Season Finals, but first met back in 2005 when they matched up in tournament play.

Tsquared and Elam have a long history, meeting in various Halo brackets and eventually joining forces in 2007 as a part of Str8 Rippin, one of the most dominant and fan favorite teams in Halo esports history. Over the years, our caster duo, along with big names such as Legit, Neighbor, and Snipedown, won multiple Halo titles including the 2008 National Championship.

The Str8 Rippin duo will be bringing you all of the North American HCS Pro League action over the course of the Fall 2016 Season.

To learn even more about these two casters and the upcoming season join them for a Q&A on Facebook Live starting at 3PM PDT on Wednesday, September 7! Send your questions for Elamite and Tsquared to the ESL Halo Twitter account with the hashtag #HCS or tune in next Wednesday to ask in real time.

Be sure to watch Elamite and Tsquared casting and analyzing the North American HCS Pro League matches every Wednesday and Thursday beginning on September 14!

Follow the Halo action on Twitter and Facebook for all the Fall 2016 Season #HCS updates.