INTZ or eUnited only one underdog can make it on MD4 of NA Pro League

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Both teams have two maps to go and are separated by only three points on ranks six and seven. INTZ control their fate, whereas eUnited has to hope for a Brazilian blunder. Another NA-BR battle happens at the bottom of the standings, where Luminosity and Envy try to avoid direct relegation. Cloud9 and coL still have theoretical chances to qualify for the playoffs, but the two sides also have to be cautious not to slip into a relegation spot.

felps’ and dapr’s boys have all to play for in the last week of Season 8. INTZ are facing Rogue on their final two maps and four points would clinch them a playoff ticket, as that would put them on 34 points and eUnited can only reach 32 in their match against Luminosity. But even if both teams end up on 32 points, INTZ would go through, due to their head-to-head advantage.

The two teams couldn’t have had more different starts to the season. Whereas eUnited surprised with solid results early on, INTZ lost eight of their ten opening maps. What a turnaround by the Brazilians!, who are now primed to take the next step and attend their first international LAN since the teams’ formation. In felps and kNg they have two veterans with loads of experience who will play an important factor should INTZ make it through. eUnited, on the other hand, has nothing to worry. Sure, making it to Denmark would be great, but the young team has shown enough potential already, even beating Na’Vi in a BO1 at IEM Chicago this past week to let everyone know that their time will come soon.

Luminosity vs. Envy

One of the two will go down and all signs point towards SEMPHIS and his boys being the ones. Envy will have to face the Renegades for their survival, a match-up that leaves little room for hope, as they would absolutely need to win both maps to surpass Luminosity, while hoping for no points for the Brazilians in their encounter with eUnited. As Envy lost both of their maps against Luminosity, a tie in points wouldn’t suffice.

Miracle Time?

compLexity and Cloud9 both had high hopes for this season of EPL and both have been severly disappointed thus far. Yet theoretical chances to book a trip to Denmark remain. compLexity need to pull off the impossible and win their four remaining maps against Liquid and MiBR, while hoping for a complete collapse of both INTZ and eUnited. Cloud9 are in the same boat, with required victories against Ghost and NRG. Both teams, however, are not yet clear of the relegation tournament either, so there’s still pressure to perform, as Rogue is lurking right behind them.

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