It’s do or die for Fnatic on MD3 of the EU Pro League

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Fnatic’s struggles extend into Pro League even after signing two new players. A vital MD3 could propel the Swedes back into the playoff-race or see them drop deep into the relegation battle, with Hellraisers and Windigo lurking right behind. The fight for first seed between Astralis and Na’Vi will heat-up, as both sides are scheduled for four maps and only two points of separation between them.

After bringing in twist and Brollan for draken an flusha, Fnatic looked like one of the most exciting teams to follow in EPL. The veterans JW, KRiMZ and Xizt seemed invigorated by the new blood and announced great things to come. After 14 matches, the Swedes stand on rank ten with 15 points, certainly failing to meet their own expectations. MD3 offers Fnatic a chance to get back into the season or, if things go south, to drop into the freezing cellar that is the relegation war. They will play against Hellraisers, Windigo, mouz, AGO and of course in the Swedish derby versus NiP – all beatable opponents with an opportunity to turn things around.

twist has already shown his skill since joining the team. His individual stats in EPL are impressive, his HLTV ratings move above 1.20 regularly and he has carried his boys to a couple of map wins already. Brollan on the other hand finds it difficult to acclimatize to the level in Pro League. He’s had some solid showings, but overall his performance is too inconsistent, which is of course to be expected from a 16-year-old who’s playing in the big leagues for the first time. JW, KRiMZ and Xizt need to show him the ins and outs of professional play and this Fnatic lineup may have a chance to recreate former glory.

Hell and Wind await below

Hellraisers and Windigo are stuck in similar situations, both with 12 points after 10 and 12 matches respectively. Things are looking grim but are still redeemable. Both teams have a busy week and both face Fnatic for a chance to catch up to the Swedes. But if either Ange1’s or v1c7oR’s boys fail to get some points on the board, they will cement their position in the cellar of the rankings alongside NiP and relegation instead of playoffs becomes a bitter reality.

The first seed goes to…

Astralis or Na’Vi, that much seems certain. The two EU powerhouses occupy ranks one and two after 20 maps played, and both will be involved in domestic derbies in the upcoming week. The Danes face North in an always difficult match-up whereas Na’Vi battle Hellraisers in the pursuit of first place. It’s easily possible both sides win all four maps, and the seeding samba extends into the final week of Pro League Season 8.

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