Key roster changes shake up teams in WGLNA World of Tanks Gold League

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The last roster change deadline for teams was last Saturday, February 11. These are some the biggest roster moves in recent World of Tanks Gold League memory with the top teams switching around big name players. There are three additions in particular that stand out; the additions of Vetro to Apex, Ledif to eClipse, and Arclit to o7.

Here are your full roster changes:

- Apex dropped Drynitz
- eClipse dropped Vetro
- o7 dropped Ledif
- Rival dropped Campier2001
- Aquatic M60s dropped Redux
- eClipse dropped Exo

+ Apex added Vetro
+ eClipse added Ledif
+ o7 added Arclit
+ Rival added Perma_blue
+ Aquatic M60s added Giggles101x


This is going to be one of the two moves that everyone is talking about. Vetro has been a huge performer in this league as he is always near the top in damage done and kills. Back when he moved from o7 to eClipse for the Grand Finals 2016 it was a huge deal but this should be an even bigger deal.

With this new lineup, Apex should have an even stronger lineup, which is amazing because their lineup was already incredible. I would expect Vetro to be in their starting lineup for the rest of the season but he may not do quite as well in fantasy as he did on eClipse because of shorter games and better competition for points on Apex.


This is one of the other blockbuster roster moves that just happened as eClipse were shopping around for a quick Vetro replacement. Ledif has been the standout player on o7 so far this season as he was leading the league in fantasy points up until this weekend and he currently sits in second place for fantasy points still.

While it is still to be seen if Ledif can compare to Vetro on a pure mechanics scale, he will definitely bring some excellent strategy and map knowledge to eClipse that they can use. Last night eClipse lost to Top Tier with Ledif in the lineup for the first time so keep an eye on eClipse to watch them improve.


This roster change definitely came out of left field as Arclit hasn’t even played in the league for about a year now. For those of you not familiar with Arclit, he used to play in the EU league before he came to North America to play for High Woltage Caballers. He is known for his arty play and unorthodox strategies.

When you think of a team that needed to fill a big hole in their lineup with Ledif leaving and a team that would be a good fit for Arclit, o7 seems to be the perfect fit. o7 already likes to mess around with uncommon strategies so Arclit could be the spark they need to fix their losing streak. o7’s next match is Tuesday, February 21st if you want to tune in and see Arclit play for o7!


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