Major champion Astralis takes home the IEM CS:GO World Championship

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The final day of Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2017 saw Major champion Astralis go up against FaZe, who showed a brilliant tournament with their latest addition NiKo. After the initial loss for FaZe during group stage, this was their chance to take revenge on the currently best team in the world. Was an unleashed NiKo enough to beat Astralis?

The CS:GO grand final: Astralis vs. FaZe

Starting on Cache, it looked like the Major Champions were to be bested. FaZe took an early lead and were able to close out the first map, putting pressure on Karrigan's former teammates. Howere, on Overpass Astralis turned a 6-9 deficit into 16-12 win which swung the momentum into their favor heavily.

Unlike the first maps, Nuke saw them take the lead from the get go, winning ten CT rounds before closing out the map with six T rounds. FaZe took the lead on Inferno by 9-6 in an attempt to force Astralis to go the full distance. However, a strong CT half by the Danes put an end to FaZe dreams of the title, who saw Astralis close out the map and the grand final in their favor.

  • Cache: Astralis 9-16 FaZe
  • Overpass: Astralis 16-12 FaZe
  • Nuke: Astralis 16-12 FaZe
  • Inferno: Astralis 16-13 FaZe
  • Total: Astralis 3-1 FaZe

Selected highlights from the grand final

Congratulations to the new IEM champions!

The two weeks of IEM Katowice 2017 have come to an impressive conclusion with a worthy champion, Astralis, who once again beat the best in the world to win yet another title. The runner up, FaZe, shouldn’t go unmentioned as the addition of NiKo already showed some great improvements to the team with him being one of the statistically best players during the whole tournament.

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