MBL and G2 TOPA reign supreme in the A1 eSports League Austria

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The 25,000€ grand finals of the A1 eSports League Austria - powered by ESL finished up last weekend at the 4GameChangers Festival and we crowned new champions in both League of Legends and Project Cars 2. The Austrian-only League of Legends competition was titled with a 10,000€ prize pool, while the international Project Cars 2 tournament was worth a total of 15,000€.

League of Legends

The four teams that booked their tickets to the semi finals were none other than MBL, Tick Trick Duck, DZ Legends and Playing Ducks. Unfortunately for both duck-themed squads, their title hopes were cut short in the semis due to DZ Legends’ convincing 2-0 against Playing Ducks and MBL’s hard-fought 2-1 over Tick Trick Duck. But even though MBL almost stumbled in the semis, they saved their best for last. With an assertive 2-0 sweep in the grand finals, MBL secured themselves the League of Legends trophy, as well as 5000€ in prize money.


  1. MBL - 5,000€
  2. DZ Legends - 3,000€
  3. Playing Ducks  -1,500€
  4. Tick Trick Duck - 500€

Project Cars 2

In Project Cars 2, the final honors went out-of-country, as none other than Finnish speedster G2 TOPA left his competition in the dust. After already leading all PC players in the qualifier rankings as the top rated player, he underlined his favorite status by winning it all when it mattered most. Now he can sit back on his 6,000€ first place prize, as well as the shiny trophy that comes with it.

Shoutout for all the fans that witnessed the spectacle live and on broadcast, as well as a special thanks to all the sponsors that helped us put the A1 eSports League Austria together: Gnation, Samsung, Techbold, Fanatec.

Stay in touch with the A1 eSports League Austria via Facebook, as well as the official website.