Meet the broadcast team for the first Heroes of the Storm North America Fall Regional of 2016

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The first North American Heroes of the Storm Fall Regional will be a three-day event on the weekend of Friday, August 5 and we have an amazing talent lineup to take you through the tournament. Join your favorite casters and analysts as the top Heroes of the Storm players from North America gather in Burbank, California to battle for a share of the US$100,000 prize pool and a chance to represent their region at the Fall Global Championship at BlizzCon 2016.


“While NA has undergone several changes in the past few months, what hasn't changed is who I believe are the top teams going into the first Fall Regional: Naventic and Gale Force. The idea of Murloc Geniuses and Denial eSports taking one of the top two spots is very much in play, with Denial being one of my bigger favorites to come in and win it all. I think if any team has a chance to steal the spotlight then I believe they can do it. I do personally feel that Gale Force has what it takes and would not be surprised to see another dominant performance from them and take it all. The top 3-4 teams I feel can be shuffled in any order. I'm also looking forward to seeing some of the newer teams and how they stand up with the elite teams. Pretty exciting from top to bottom for me!”

"With all the roster shakeups for the NA teams, it's exciting to see some new players making it to a LAN for the first time. It's also fun to have some fan favorite players joining up in different combinations, like on GulDansGame or Denial eSports. And of course, I'll be closely watching to see how the recently changed rosters of Naventic and Gale Force perform. It's definitely hard to predict how this event will go."

"The North American region is truly entering a new chapter in the development of its Heroes of the Storm competitive scene. Rosters have changed, new talent has joined the ranks, and the meta is constantly shifting. More than ever before, these teams must be chomping at the bit to prove they have what it takes to climb to the top of their region, and earn a spot at the BlizzCon Championship. With so many fantastic players vying for supremacy on fresh squads the only thing we can know for sure is that this event will be a cutthroat battle, with every team looking to prove their strength."


All eight teams for the first NA Fall Regional are locked in. Here are your North American frontrunners and the groups that will kick off next weekend’s event.

Group A

  • Naventic
  • Denial eSports (formerly Crescendo)
  • Murloc Geniuses
  • Astral Authority

Group B

  • Gale Force Esports
  • GulDansGame (formerly High Score)
  • Vox Nihili
  • Team Name Change


The Heroes of the Storm North America Fall Regional begins on Friday, August 5 at the ESL Studios starting at 10AM PDT. Tune in on the ESL Heroes of the Storm Twitch channel for all three days of action to see which team will go on to represent North America at the Fall Global Championship at BlizzCon. To be a part of the live studio audience, purchase tickets while they’re still available! Audience members will all receive a unique skin code for each day of the tournament they attend.

For live social coverage and the latest updates about the North American Heroes of the Storm Fall Global Circuit, follow ESL Heroes on Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm social channels on Facebook and Twitter and add your voice to the conversation by using #HGC.