Meet the GameStop Hometown Heroes: Injustice 2 Heroic 8

Alexandria Koulsoum
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After weeks of grueling competition, the time has finally arrived. The best of the best from each GameStop Hometown Heroes: Injustice 2 region met at their neighborhood GameStop locations for a chance to represent their region and earn the title of Hometown Hero. Meet the winners from the Regionals and the faces you’ll be seeing in Las Vegas on August 27th for the Grand Finals.

New York

Representing New York this weekend is Emperor Knicks.


The winner of Atlanta went to the one and only Noble Tweedy, who powered his way through the matches with only one loss.


From Miami, Dr. Gross took an amazing 3-0 to earn his spot in the finals.


Representing Dallas is reigning champ Handy Savage.


Despite an impressive 3-0 reset from Perfect Legend, Chicago’s champion and representative is GetRekedYo.


The PNW will be sending StDx2eZ to win them the glory.

San Francisco

Los Angeles

Last but not least, Nubcakes is headed to Vegas to earn victory for Los Angeles.

There you have it! The next time you’ll see these fighters will be on August 27th! Don’t miss your chance to see how it all ends and make sure you’re tuned into We’ll see you in Vegas!