Meet the participants of the Six Invitational!

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Eight squads joined the list of teams which will take part in the $200,000 Six Invitational in Montreal, Canada. The Six Invitational will be the biggest international Rainbow Six: Siege tournament ever and will take place from February 3-5th.

Four teams, two for Xbox One and two for PC, had already received direct invites to the event. Now that the qualifiers have concluded, we finally know the complete lineup for both competitions.

The following teams are set to battle in Montreal:

Six Invitational Xbox One participants

  • NA Invited: Team Elevate
  • EU Invited: Team Vitality
  • NA Qualifier: Lethal Gaming
  • EU Qualifier: Lucky7*
  • LATAM Qualifier: Dex.UNITED
  • ANZ Cup Winner: MindFreak

​*EU Xbox One qualifier winners Osterity have been disqualified from the competition for not following the rules and will be replacement by second place finishers Lucky7. Further statement will come later.

Six Invitational PC participants

  • NA Invited: Continuum
  • EU Invited: GiFu
  • NA Qualifier: eRa Eternity
  • EU Qualifier: EURONICS Gaming
  • LATAM Qualifier: Santos Dexterity
  • Asia Qualifier: Envy

Tickets for the event are already on sale here! There are three different types of tickets, with the prices starting at $30.

One day pass:

  • Price: 30$
  • Guarantees: One day pass for the Six Invitational, 600 R6 credits

3-day pass:

  • Price: 75$
  • Guarantees: Three day pass for the Six Invitational, 600 R6 credits

VIP Ticket:

  • Price: 150$
  • Three day pass for the Six Invitational
  • 30 minutes trip around the event on February 3rd
  • 30 minutes meeting with developers and special guests
  • VIP seating place
  • R6 merchandise

For more information about the Six Invitational, you can follow our ESL Rainbow Six social media accounts on both Twitter and Facebook, as well as the official game Facebook and Twitter pages. And be sure to join the discussion on the official subreddit and forums.