Natus Vincere and SK Gaming undefeated after the first matches of ESL One New York

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ESL One New York kicked off yesterday with its first matches and with eight top teams from the European and North American region beginning their battle for a share of the US$250,000 prize pool and the coveted ESL One trophy. We saw the first two rounds fully played out as well as one match of round three.

Round 1

  • vs. FNATIC on cobblestone: 16-6
  • G2 vs. Astralis on dust II: 13-16
  • SK vs. OpTic on train: 16-10
  • Na’Vi vs. Liquid on mirage: 16-9

Round 2

  • FNATIC vs. OpTic on train: 16-3
  • G2 vs. Liquid on train: 7-16
  • vs. Na’Vi on train: 9-16
  • SK vs. Astralis on overpass: 16-13

Round 3

  • Liquid vs. on mirage: 8-16

Selected highlights





Matches continue on the big stage

Today, Barclays Center will open its doors to thousands of passionate fans to watch the teams continue their battle on the big stage. Be sure to tune in over here from 11:00am EDT (17:00 CEST) to not miss any of the action.

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