Na'Vi regaining their strength at ESL CS:GO Pro League Winter Finals

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The very first season of ESL CS:GO Pro League ended with a rather unexpected success by former IEM World Champions Natus Vincere. The Ukrainian-Russian-Slovakian team started off with a loss to Dignitas and had them face right after to survive the first day of the tournament. But from here on, Na’Vi played a strong tournament and took down everyone coming their way.

The VoDs of the Winter Finals

After the two victories against Virtus.Pro (2-1) and Team Dignitas (2-0) and thereby securing the second spot for the playoffs, Na’Vi took on EnVyUs, who came to Cologne in great form, winning the last two tournaments they played in great fashion. But even the French superstars were not able to stop GuardiaN and his team and ended up losing 2-1 in the semi final. This marked the revenge for ESL One Katowice, where Na’Vi lost to EnVyUs 2-1 in a thrilling series.

In the grand final, it was Titan with a shot at a redeeming tournament win for themselves, but the success story of Na’Vi was not about to stop here. On the back of another 2-1 victory, they won the first ever season of ESL CS:GO Pro League and showed the fans that they can step up once more to take on the best teams in the world.

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