A new ESL Hearthstone Legendary Series champion has been crowned!

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The ESL Hearthstone Legendary Series in Katowice saw eight top Hearthstone players report to Poland to prove their meddle. With US$10,000 in cash and 38 Hearthstone Championship Tour points on the line, the stakes were high, but in the end there could only be one winner. See how all the matches unfolded below!


  • Quarterfinal 1: SilverName vs. Zhivo - 3-1
  • Quarterfinal 2: Lucky Shadow vs. Elscouta - 1-3
  • Quarterfinal 3: DoKy vs. AKA Wonder - 2-3
  • Quarterfinal 4: Espumito vs. Impact - 3-2


  • Semifinal 1: SilverName vs. Elscouta - 3-1
  • Semifinal 2: AKA Wonder vs. Espumito - 3-2

Grand final

  • Grandfinal: SilverName vs. AKA Wonder - 0-3

Congratulations to our new champion!

With Spain’s Esteban “AKA Wonder” Serrano having emerged victorious, we now have an ESL Hearthstone Legendary Series champion - congratulations, AKA Wonder!

To catch up on any matches you missed, check out the on the Hearthstone section of the ESL YouTube channel, while for all the latest Hearthstone news be sure follow ESL Hearthstone on Facebook and Twitter.