New York Takes the Title of GameStop Hometown Heroes: Injustice 2 Champion!

Alexandria Koulsoum
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After nine grueling weeks of competition, the GameStop Hometown Heroes: Injustice 2 Finals finally arrived. Week after week, the #Heroic8 battled for their right to represent their regions in a game of honor and for a spot in the upcoming ELEAGUE Injustice 2 Series. Eight entered, and only one left a victor.

The first set of the night started off Finals with the exact sort of competition to be expected from the players who clawed their way to the top eight. Dr. Gross, representing Miami, and Anbu GetReked, from Chicago, went to Game 5 in a Black Adam vs. Superman/Atrocitus matchup. GetReked was able to match each win and keep everything tied, but ultimately, the first victory of the night was awarded to Dr. Gross, moving him into the winner’s bracket.

In a less lengthy set, EmperorKnicks and his Darkseid represented New York with a 3-0 win against BlindDucky and his Harley from San Francisco.

Dallas faced off against Los Angeles, with a trash-talk set between HandySavage and NubCakes. In a brawl between Catwoman and Batman, it was Los Angeles and NubCakes who moved on in the bracket.

Next up was 2EZ, representing Seattle, and Noble Tweedy for Atlanta, with Tweedy taking the victory for his region.

BlindDucky, and thus San Francisco, were eliminated from the bracket and the competition by GetReked.

2EZ’s victory was short lived, as HandySavage took the next victory, and advanced in the loser’s bracket.

The first competitor to enter Winners Finals was EmperorKnicks, who had shown unmatched fierceness through the day. His victory against Miami’s Dr. Gross put him in a safe spot for the rest of the competition.

In the first match of Winner’s Semifinals, NubCakes took the victory against Noble Tweedy for Los Angeles, and moved into Winner’s Finals.

Despite an earlier loss, Dr. Gross made an impressive comeback in the competition and was able to take down HandySavage.

EmperorKnicks continued to dominate the bracket, this time taking a victory against LA’s Nubcakes.

In a battle to fight against New York’s champion Emperor Knicks in the Grand Finals, Nubcakes took down Dr. Gross.

Ultimately, the battle for honor and a spot in ELEAGUE was between the two coasts––Los Angeles vs. New York––Nubcakes vs. EmperorKnicks. The two were trading wins for a moment, but EmperorKnicks ended up taking it all with his Darkseid. He took the title of GameStop Hometown Hero after remaining undefeated through the entire Finals day, and going 3-1 in his Grand Finals set!


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