Now's your chance to sign up for ESL Fantasy for the LCS Summer Split!

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Yesterday we announced ESL Fantasy for the LCK Summer Split, and today we’re excited to confirm the addition of the LCS Summer Split to the ESL Fantasy lineup. With the world’s top League of Legends teams to choose from and the choice of either playing against your friends in a private league or everyone else on ESL Fantasy, all you need to do is sign up here in order to take part!

How it works

As an ESL Fantasy manager, you’ll get a virtual budget of $6,600 to spend on assembling your perfect League of Legends team (consisting of a top, mid, AD, support and jungler) while also selecting an overall team.

Choose carefully, because it will be down to the performances of those you pick to earn you points as detailed below:

The LCS Summer Split kicks off in Europe on the 28th of May at 18:00 CEST, meaning you have until 17:55 CEST on the 28th of May in order to pick your lineup.

The teams

ESL Fantasy LCS managers will have the following top teams - and their players - to choose from when assembling their all-important lineups:

North America

  • Cloud9        
  • Counter Logic Gaming       
  • Enemy Esports       
  • Gravity       
  • Team 8       
  • Team Dignitas       
  • Team Dragon Knights       
  • Team Impulse       
  • Team Liquid       
  • Team SoloMid


  • Copenhagen Wolves       
  • Elements       
  • Fnatic       
  • GIANTS GAMING       
  • Gambit Gaming       
  • H2K       
  • ORIGEN       
  • ROCCAT       
  • SK Gaming       
  • Unicorns Of Love

If you want to try and make it to the top of the ESL Fantasy LCS rankings, hurry up and sign up via the link below!

Sign up for ESL Fantasy for the LCS Summer Split here!

Best of luck!