o7 Gaming continue to excel in Week 3 of the WGLNA World of Tanks Gold League

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Some of the best matches of the season happened in Week 3 of the WGLNA World of Tanks Gold League. The WGLNA veterans, o7 Gaming, continue to rise in the standings as they now sit only one point behind the newly dubbed Dare Rising roster (formerly Deja Vu). Read about everything that happened last week and get ready for more matches starting today at 5:30PM Pacific.


Deja Vu landed a sponsor and are now competing in the WGLNA Gold League as Dare Rising. At second place in the leaderboard, many expected the Dare roster to dominate against a seemingly struggling Valence.

Dare started the match strong by winning both sides of a Ruinberg, which is a tough feat to accomplish. Overconfidence may have got the best of them on the next map when they lost both games to Valence on Himmelsdorf. Dare continued to be a bit shaky on Mines after they barely pulled off a win after capping out, but they seemed to stabilize after that moment. Dare won out the rest of the matches leading to a 5-2 victory.

MyLittlePutin and Harmless performed the best in this matchup in terms of fantasy, with each player earning about 350 points for their teams!


Meadowhawk started this match out right in the interview and came prepared, dressed as a scuba diver to best battle the Aquatic M60s.

o7 Gaming appeared to be unstoppable on steppes as they won both sides to start out the night with smart plays. Aquatic M60s were on the brink of tilting into a 5-0 when they got a spark of life on Prok. Down 3-0, the M60s were able to work their way through o7 Gaming’s north-west camp defense to finally gain some momentum.

Aquatic M60s kept rolling after they won the first game on Mines, but o7 quickly countered to make the score 4-2 by winning the offensive side after the M60s were unable to stop their attacks. Unfortunately for Aquatic M60s, Murovanka was the next map up in the rotation. As many people know, Muro is well known to go 1-1 which is exactly what happened here leaving the score 5-3 in favor of o7 Gaming.

The two big fantasy scorers this match were Ledif with 422 and MRMAN with 294. Ledif appears to have a natural ability to find reset and cap points as he continues to lead the league in overall points.


Valence had a rough schedule, with Dare and eClipse in their Week 3 matchups. There were questions in the air about how Eclipse would perform this match after losing to Dare 5-1 and barely beating Top Tier 5-4 in their previous two matches. The match started with a Valence win after eClipse lost too much HP trying to scout out Valence’s tanks, which immediately raised the question of how close this match would be.

eClipse is not a team to count out, as Valence learned very quickly. Any doubts in people’s heads were quickly erased as eClipse dominated the rest of the matches. eClipse picked up the win and three points with a 5-1 win over Valence.

Vetro once again led the team in fantasy points with 343. No one else was close to Vetro as he has appeared to once again establish himself in a tier of his own for fantasy points.


This was another highly anticipated matchup between the newly branded Dare Rising and the always scrappy Aquatic M60s. Most people though Dare would win this game as they have been beating higher ranked teams than Aquatic M60s frequently in the past week. Aquatic M60s had different ideas however.

Dare started out looking great by trapping Aquatic M60s on the western third of Steppes and systematically destroying them. People were feeling pretty good about Dare’s chances to clean this match up quickly after the first game, but the M60s were not shaken by the loss. After an incredible effort by MrMan and some help by Dare throwing a bit, Aquatic M60s were able to even up the score 1-1 headed into the next map.

Next on Mines, a map both teams are strong on, the teams split the battles making the score 2-2. The match then got interesting on Prok. After being down 3000 HP, Aquatic M60s brought things close to a victory but ultimately threw the game again! Dare somehow pulled the game back and almost won, but the M60s managed to pull out the win to take the lead. Dare were able to tie up the match 3-3 heading into Himmelsdorf.

On Himmelsdorf, Aquatic M60s were dominant. They shook things up with a triple maus strat and were still able to win against what many considered to be a superior team. The final score was 5-3 in favor of Aquatic M60s.

MRMAN is the fantasy player everyone is talking about after earning 414 points in favor of his team. In the second battle on Steppes where he carried the team, MrMan earned 142 points in a single battle!


There were some big wins and losses in the offline matches this week. Starting off, Eclipse were barely able to defeat Top Tier 5-4. Many people thought that this match would go in favor of Eclipse and did not expect it to be this close. Apex were able to defeat Rival 5-0 as they have been doing all season.

Leading off Thursday’s offline matches, Apex once again showed their dominance. They crushed Top Tier 5-1. At this point we really have to wonder if anyone can actually beat Apex or even win more than one game against them. Eclipse was the only team to do so, losing their matchup but winning three games against the World of Tanks titans.

The other offline match on Thursday night was o7 vs. Rival. With Rival struggling so far this season, many expected this to be a quick match. The score was 4-1 in favor of o7 when Rival were able to mount somewhat of a comeback. Despite Rival’s valiant effort, the final score was 5-3 in favor of o7 Gaming.


After three weeks of fantasy play, Wallhacks is back in the lead, followed closely by Tryzit and Jerm. Your big weekly winners this week are Wallhacks, who will earn no prizes, followed by Napoleon_45, shawneld, and Texz who each won 2500 gold to put towards a shiny new tank or premium time! Congratulations to all our winners this week and a reminder that you can set your own lineups at to get in the running for next week’s prizes.

Ledif (o7) continues to lead the league in points and has opened up his lead to about 180 points over the second place Gold League player. MyLittlePutin and Makos have joined the top three players this week after their excellent performances.


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