One Passion. Many Worlds. The next chapter of ESL & DreamHack

Josh Folland
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The Future Of ESL & DreamHack 

The people working behind at ESL and DreamHack share the same passion with over two decades of experience, and by bringing our worlds together, we will create unparalleled experiences for fans, pros, friends, and gamers everywhere around the world.

We are excited to announce that ESL and DreamHack are joining forces to further accelerate our shared mission to shape the future of esports and gaming - and to create a world where everybody can truly be somebody. From cosplayers showing off their creations, to online friends meeting up at their first LAN together, to, of course, setting the stage for esports at its highest possible level. Being somebody is about your personal journey in gaming and esports, and at ESL & DreamHack we are building the foundation for your next steps; no matter which world you choose.

What does this mean for you?

DreamHack has always brought communities and friends together, and created the ultimate gaming & lifestyle experience for fans. This will not change — by combining our skills and knowledge, we can continue to grow all of your favorite events and meet-ups into something even more spectacular … with more laser lights and DJ’s than ever before!

With ESL, we continue to bring the highest level of competition to the world’s biggest stages, further develop the path from zero to hero for upcoming players and excite fans with the thrill of seeing their idols compete in their favorite games. Together we will push forward new innovations to engage with fans and communities across all of our events, platforms, formats and game titles — from gaming as lifestyle to professional levels — in every region around the world.

Creating the best gaming experiences, and the most professional and legendary esports moments for players and fans alike, are at the heart of what we do: meeting friends and like-minded people, and celebrating esports at our events just got better and richer.

Come along and join our journey: