Only four players remain in the running for the IEM Shanghai championship!

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The third day of our 34th IEM StarCraft® tournament saw eight top players battling it out for a slot in the semifinals. After two days of exciting group stage matches, we couldn’t wait to see what herO, iAsonu, TY, Dark, Rogue, INnoVation, soO and ByuN would show us in the quarterfinals. The results did end up being more or less one sided with the exception of herO vs. INnoVation, which needed all five maps to be played out.

After four world-class series, it will be herO, TY, ByuN or Rogue who will lift the IEM Shanghai trophy during tomorrow’s finals.

Results and highlights

  • TY vs. iAsonu 3-0
  • INnoVation vs. herO 2-3
  • Rogue vs. Dark 3-0
  • soO vs. ByuN 1-3





Who will become the IEM Shanghai 2017 champion?

Tomorrow, July 30, we will get to see who will become the new IEM Shanghai champion in StarCraft® II. TY will face herO in the first semifinal while Rogue will take on ByuN. Who is going to take it all? The action begins at 4:00AM CEST and will be livestreamed over here!

For more information about the event, be sure to visit the official website as well as follow IEM on Twitter and Facebook for all updates, highlights and more.