Over $2 million awarded in prize money on ESL Play

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ESL Play is the world’s leading platform for esports, providing tournaments and ladders across multiple games and skill levels. Now over 7 million members strong, ESL Play caters to the needs of the grassroots esports community, with weekly cups, online tournaments, and over 50 games featured. Since 2002, over 10,000 ESL Play Go4 cups have awarded more than $2,000,000 in prize money to online competitors. In addition, over 80,000 open tournaments have been conducted through the platform.

“We at ESL are passionate in hosting Go4 tournaments for over 15 years and are proud to have fostered global gaming talent through ESL Play,” said Stefan Weber, Director of Community Management, ESL. “Esports would not be where it is today without the grassroots efforts of players and fans, and we aim to continue laying the foundation for future professional gamers through our online cups.”

ESL Play was founded with the goal of promoting grassroots esports tournaments and has started the professional gaming career of many a player and team. Team Vitality and PENTA Sports are teams that began their competitive journey on ESL Play and are now part of the ESL Rainbow Six Pro League. Similarly, FIFA players TimoX08 and VfL_SaLz0r played and won multiple Go4 tournaments before becoming a part of ESL Meisterschaft.

ESL Play Records:

  • Top 3 longest Go4 series on ESL Play: SC2, LoL, WoT
  • Top team that won most Go4 tournaments: Reason Gaming.Go4LoL from LoL with 82 cup wins
  • Runner-up team that won most Go4 tournaments: Different Dimension eSports from LoL with 68 cup wins
  • Top player that won most Go4 tournaments: Dr. Erhano from FIFA with 59 cup wins
  • Runner-up player that won most Go4 tournaments: Nerchio from SC2 with 54 cup wins
  • Team with most consecutive Go4 tournaments wins: Unemployed Midnight Midgets from Line of Sight with 17 consecutive wins
  • Player with most consecutive Go4 tournaments wins: Mangator from Project CARS with 13 consecutive wins
  • Team that won most prize money through Go4 tournaments: The Red, now known as Natus Vincere from World of Tanks - 36,450€
  • Player that won most prize money through Go4 tournaments: Nerchio from SC2 - 10,600€

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