Pantamera CS:GO Challenge is back with its third season

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The award winning Recycle for Esports campaign will be returning this June with its third season of the Pantamera CS:GO Challenge. Throughout the next five months, teams with a majority Swedish roster will be able to compete in a series of qualifiers for their chance to reach the Season Finals.

“We are very proud to continue building the grassroots of esports in the region” said Rickard Andersson at Pantamera. “Recycling for your biggest passion is something that the previous seasons of the Pantamera CS:GO Challenge have proved to be very successful and we look forward to taking the campaign to the next level this year.”

How to qualify

There will be weekly online qualifiers hosted on ESL Play, where teams will play for cash prizes and ranking points. At the end of each month, the eight teams with the most points will be invited to the Monthly Finals, where the winner qualifies for the Season Finals.

Sign up for the online qualifiers here!

New for this season is that teams will also be able to qualify for the Season Finals via offline tournaments, to be held at DreamHack Summer and Winter respectively.

The eight slots for the Season Finals will be distributed as follows:

  • One slot: DreamHack Summer BYOC tournament
  • Four slots: Pantamera Go4CS:GO Nordic Monthly Finals
  • One slot: DreamHack Winter BYOC tournament
  • Two slots: Pantamera Go4CS:GO Nordic Season Ranking

Season Finals at DreamHack Winter

The Pantamera CS:GO Challenge Season 3 finals will take place in November at DreamHack Winter in Jönköping, Sweden. Here the eight best teams as decided by the qualifiers and rankings will battle it out on main stage for the Pantamera CS:GO Challenge championship and their share of the community funded prize pool, built up by Swedish gamers recycling their cans and PET bottles for the sake of esports.

For more information about the Pantamera CS:GO Challenge, be sure to visit the official website as well as follow ESL Nordic on Facebook and Twitter for all the updates.