The playoffs are set for Intel® Extreme Masters Shanghai!

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IEM Shanghai is in full swing with our 34th StarCraft® tournament! Yesterday, July 27, TY, Dark, Rogue and iAsonu, the top players from groups A and B, secured slots in the quarterfinals. Today, July 28, it was time to see which four players from groups C and D would join them. As each group of IEM Shanghai ended up being incredibly stacked, we knew we were in for some thrilling StarCraft II action and we were not disappointed.

From group A, it was soO and herO who bested their opponents, while group B saw INnoVation and ByuN advance. Here’s how it happened.


Group A

  • soO vs. TIME 2-1
  • herO vs. Solar 1-2
  • soO vs. Solar 2-1
  • TIME vs. herO 0-2
  • Solar vs. herO 1-2

soO finished on top of the group which was exactly what was predicted. The battle for the second slot came down to Solar and herO and even though the former had better chances on paper to advance, it will be herO continuing to compete in the playoffs.


Group B

  • INnoVation vs. Trust 2-0
  • Maru vs. ByuN 2-0
  • INnoVation vs. Maru 2-1
  • Trust vs. ByuN 0-2
  • Maru vs. ByuN 1-2

INnoVation was expected to finish third in this group but proved us wrong and is shaping up as a strong contender to take the trophy in Shanghai. The second slot was for fought for by ByuN and Maru and despite Maru giving ByuN a run for his money, it will be the latter to play in tomorrow’s quarterfinals.


The playoffs begin tomorrow!

Tomorrow, July 29, we will watch all of the quarterfinal matchups:

  • TY vs. iAsonu
  • INnoVation vs. herO
  • Rogue vs. Dark
  • soO vs. ByuN

All matches will be livestreamed over here starting from 4:00 AM CEST.

For more information about the event, be sure to visit the official website as well as follow IEM on Twitter and Facebook for all updates, highlights and more.