Presenting the new and improved CS:GO World Ranking!

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The CS:GO World Ranking was developed to give everyone a clear idea and showing of how different professional teams fare in the competitive scene, as well as a helping tool used when drawing groups and brackets for ESL tournaments.

Now, we want to present the new CS:GO World Ranking. After gathering and analysing the feedback from the community, we’ve made a number of significant changes in order to improve the ranking.

The old ranking consisted of 50% players and 50% organisations, considering the results of the past 12 months with decay. The new CS:GO World Ranking will be divided as follows:

  • New Power Ranking: six months with decay, consisting of 100% players.
    The Power Ranking is meant to present the current skill levels of the active lineups at any given time.

  • New Club Ranking: 12 months without decay, consisting of 100% organisations
    The Club Ranking is meant to present how successful an organisation has been over the past 12 months.

Moreover, a few adjustments have been made to the point system and the requirements for tournaments.

See the new CS:GO World Ranking here!

With the above changes, our CS:GO World Ranking gives a much better and clearer overview of team and player performances in the competitive scene. The ranking will still be used as tool for seeing teams in future ESL tournaments, such as the upcoming ESL One Cologne.

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