Prove your CS:GO knowledge with ESL Fantasy for Intel Extreme Masters San Jose!

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With Intel Extreme Masters San Jose kicking off on Saturday, we’re excited to announce the official ESL Fantasy league for the event’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition. There’s US$150,000 at stake at North America’s first ever stadium CS:GO event, and what better way to get involved and prove your knowledge of the scene by putting your fantasy managerial skills to the test?

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How it works

ESL Fantasy CS:GO for Intel Extreme Masters San Jose will use a bracket challenge format, meaning managers have to try and predict the correct winner and scores of all tournament matches in order to pick up points.

Fantasy points will be awarded as follows:

  • 3 points for picking the correct winner
  • 2 additional points if the predicted winner and scores are correct

Your predictions can be changed until right before the relevant match starts, and new managers can join in the fray at any point (although they won’t be able to go back and make predictions for any missed matches).


If you’re the first, second or third placed manager at the end of the Intel Extreme Masters San Jose CS:GO competition, you’ll be the lucky recipient of one of the following awesome in-game items:

Private leagues

If you’d rather prove your mettle against an elite few as opposed to the entirety of the ESL Fantasy league lineup, you can also create a private league (or leagues - you can make as many as you like with as many members as you want). You rack up points in exactly the same way as in the main fantasy league, so make your choice wisely!

All fired up and ready to go?

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