Prove your StarCraft II expertise with ESL Fantasy for the WCS Season 3 Premier League

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With the WCS Season 3 Premier League almost upon us, we’re excited to announce that there will be a fully fledged ESL Fantasy league for the event! If you think you know the StarCraft II scene, now’s your chance to prove it!

How it works

ESL Fantasy for the WCS Season 3 Premier League will encompass the entirety of the tournament from start to finish including the round of 32, round of 16 and playoffs. A bracket challenge will be being used, meaning that managers must predict the winner and results of all tournament matches correctly in order to pick up points.

Fantasy points will be awarded as follows:

  • 3 points for picking the correct winner
  • 2 additional points if the predicted result is also correct

You can already start making your round of 32 predictions, with round of 16 and playoff predictions able to be picked as soon as they have been officially announced.

You can alter your predictions right up until the relevant match starts, and new managers can still join after the first matches have been played (although they won’t be able to make any predictions for past matches).

Private leagues

If you only want to play against a select few opponents, you may want to create your own private ESL Fantasy league. You can make as many private leagues with as many members as you want, with the winner able to enjoy bragging rights until the next big ESL Fantasy StarCraft league!

Are you ready to prove your StarCraft scene knowledge?

Sign up for ESL Fantasy WCS here!

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