The regular season of the WGLNA World of Tanks Gold League has been completed!

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With only one match day to go on this coming Tuesday, the regular season is all but over in the WGLNA. There were some huge matches that decided who would get those coveted first round playoff byes and who would have to earn their spot in Burbank the hard way. Read more below to see who has their tickets punched to the live finals in Burbank already.


Before the match summaries, it should be noted that Apex is now Elevate. Apex picked up an incredible sponsor in Elevate and the WGLNA is excited to start working with the Elevate staff in the coming weeks.

Apex team captain Comps had this to say about the recent sponsorship:

Becoming a part of Elevate is an exciting opportunity for myself and the rest of the team. We worked hard the past few seasons to build the most dominant team in the North American World of Tanks scene. Our new partnership with Elevate will allow us to further develop and improve. As part of Elevate our ultimate goal is to maintain dominance over the North American scene and to be competitive at the global level.


This was a big match for Top Tier as a win here would propel them to be tied with eClipse which would give them a chance at third or even second place this season. Each team’s place going into the playoffs is critically important as second place gets a bye straight to the live finals at Burbank and fourth place will have to play Elevate at the live finals. Elevate may have already clinched first place but they aren't ones to stray away from a fight.

The #MausMeta was in full force on Ghost Town as we regularly saw multiple Maus and Type 5 heavy tanks out of both teams. Elevate looked more comfortable in the new meta than Top Tier as cruised to a 2-0 lead after outmaneuvering their opponent with the slowest tanks in the game. It was the same story on Himmelsdorf as the heavy tanks of Elevate crushed Top Tier and kept their 100% win rate on Himmelsdorf. At this point the momentum was with Elevate, they cruised through a Murovanka attack to a quick 5-0 victory.

This match means that Top Tier will most likely finish in fourth place on the season, which should force Top Tier to face Elevate at the live finals if Top Tier can defeat Aquatic M60s in the playoffs. That is not a position most teams would be excited for.


In another key match this week, Dare Rising needs a win to stay in the running for second place while Aquatic needs a win to have a shot at fourth place on the season.

This match was definitely one to remember as both teams started swapping wins on maps. Mines, Murovanka, and Prokhorovka all came and went with each team securing one win per map. With the match all tied up a 3-3, Dare Rising needed to sweep the next two games on Ghost Town to get all three points they needed for second place. The Maus tanks of MyLittlePutin and Nationwide carried Dare to the first win on Ghost Town and then MyLittlePutin kept going to win the 1v1 to win the match 5-3!


Continuing the trend of critically important matches, Dare Rising has to get a win against the first place Elevate in order clinch second place on the season and that sweet playoff bye.

Elevate started firmly in control of this match as they dismantled Dare on Prokhorovka while only losing one tank each battle. Dare did find a spark of life when they won the defensive side of Mines after Elevate unsuccessfully tried to cap with two T95 American tank destroyers, but it was short lived. Elevate cruised through Ghost Town while once again only losing one tank per battle and secured the win 5-1 over Dare Rising.

This match should force Dare back into third place behind eClipse assuming eClipse can defeat o7 Gaming on the last night of regular season play Tuesday.


This was the one match that wasn’t critically important this week as both Aquatic and Valence are pretty locked into their positions. Assuming that Top Tier can defeat Rival on this coming Tuesday, Aquatic M60s don’t have a chance of catching them and Valence has no chance of catching o7 Gaming in the standings.

Everyone felt the more fun atmosphere of this match as the team communications were lighthearted and entertaining throughout the night. The opening games on Ghost Town saw heavy Maus and Type 5 use again as Aquatic manhandled their opponent into a 2-0 lead. Valence did pick up a win on Himmelsdorf and Ruinberg after Sp00ky carried his team in his favorite tank destroyer, the American T110E3. There was no comeback to be though as Aquatic finished up the match with a clean win on Steppes in a 5-2 victory.


This was a straightforward battle as Top Tier needed a win just in case eClipse threw against o7 Gaming. In all likelihood, this battle wasn’t going to mean much though.

First up was Himmelsdorf, which was Rivals best map this season. Top Tier didn’t let Rival get any ground though and won the first two games while only losing a single tank total. It was much of the same story on Ghost Town as Top Tier continued to dominate and won both games again. On Prok, Top Tier rotated in a JoJoJacky and SublimeBanana while Rival threw out the all 121 meme strat. Top Tier wins 5-0.


In order to get the coveted playoff bye and a free ticket to the live finals in Burbank, eClipse had to get past o7 Gaming. This was to be a bit of a revenge match as Ledif would be playing his old team after moving to eClipse from o7.

Kicking off the battle on Himmelsdorf, eClipse and o7 traded wins to start this off on a 1-1 note. With Murovanka and Ruinberg coming up, people started to see how this game could go to overtime. Next on Ruinberg, eClipse started out with an unusual attack win and then continued to pull ahead with a successful defense, which gave them the 3-1 lead. Both teams traded out matches on Murovanka and Prokhorovka which barely gave eClipse their full 3 points in a 5-3 win.

With this win, eClipse secures second place on the season and got an automatic berth in the live finals at ESL Studios in Burbank, CA.


With the rise of the HP heavy Maus and Type 5 in the current meta, the fantasy totals were off the charts last week! On Tuesday, MyLittlePutin, DarkNinja_, and Derjil became the only people to score over 500 points outside of Executis this season. Anyone who picked them in fantasy was very happy that night.

On last Thursday, GodEmperorBrett lead the fantasy points but he was closely followed by Sp00ky of Valence and External from Elevate. They all scored around 450 which are huge numbers when the longest match of the night only went to seven games.

Yesterday on Tuesday, the fantasy totals were much more modest due to the shorter games. Arclit and DarkGodZim were the big winners with 458 and 452 points respectively. NoNickNoSkill also broke 400 points.


The regular season may be over but there is still more World of Tanks Gold League coming! The playoffs are this Thursday starting at 5:30pm PT! We will see which two teams will join Elevate and eClipse in Burbank, CA at the live WGLNA finals.

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