Sextuple overtime, upsets and more - ESL One Cologne has begun!

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ESL One Cologne 2017 kicked off yesterday with the first matches of the swiss group stage! 16 top teams from around the world have begun their battle for the playoffs in the LANXESS Arena, the coveted trophy and a share of the US$250,000 trophy. We’ve seen a ton of thrilling CS:GO action as the first two rounds of matches were played, including a 66-round match between Na’Vi and Cloud9 and Space Soldiers besting SK Gaming.


Round 1

  • mousesports vs. FNATIC 16-11 on train
  • FaZe vs. Heroic 16-14 on inferno
  • Immortals vs. 16-12 on cobblestone
  • SK vs. Space Soldiers 14-16 on cache
  • NiP vs. C9 16-12 on cache
  • G2 vs. TyLoo 16-9 on cache
  • Na’Vi vs. Liquid 7-16 on inferno
  • North vs. OpTic 9-16 on cobblestone

Round 2

  • mousesports vs. FaZe 16-12 on nuke
  • SK vs. 16-9 on mirage
  • Space Soldiers vs. OpTic 9-16 on mirage
  • FNATIC vs. Heroic 16-6 on mirage
  • C9 vs. Na’Vi 32-34 on train
  • G2 vs. NiP 6-16 on cache
  • Immortals vs. Liquid 15-19 on train
  • TyLoo vs. North 6-16 on inferno

Selected highlights









The action continues today!

After such an intense day one, one can only imagine what day two of ESL One Cologne has in store for us! You can find the full schedule with today’s matchups here.

Be sure to join us starting at 12:00PM CEST over at our live broadcast and get yourself a ticket to the playoffs at the LANXESS Arena if you haven’t yet!

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