Six teams fall in the League Grand Finals

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The first day of the League Grand Finals has come to an end. The eight competing teams were split up into two groups of four, the winner of each securing their position in the playoffs.

Group A

  • Synergy
  • Lemming Train
  • Team WUSA
  • SIMP
Group A, made up of three European teams and one American team (SIMP), was perhaps the most difficult group to predict. Even our very own Oliver "Laughter" Maxfield, commentator and World of Tanks veteran, couldn't predict this group's outcome.

The real battle in this group turned out to be between SIMP and Lemming Train. The Americans were able to defeat the home crowd favorite Lemming Train in the second round of the group stage after a really close series of games. However, was not yet lost for the Polish as they had a second chance in the lower bracket.

After defeating Synergy once again, they moved on to the finals to rematch against SIMP. Lemming Train managed to turn the tide of battle in their favor and defeated the American team, securing their position in the playoffs

Group B

  • NOA
  • Energy Pacemaker
  • U Are Dead
  • The RED Rush: Unity
The RED Rush: Unity - RR:Unity for short - were the most favored team in group B. Their amazing results and consistency throughout the season proved that they know how to win a battle. However, no one could predict what the Asian teams would be doing.

As the only non-Asian representative in the group, RR:Unity had a long road ahead of them to make it to the playoffs. Things started off easily as they convincingly defeated U Are Dead and moved forward. Waiting for them there was the Korean team NOA, who gave a very strong performance and barely managed to take down RR:Unity. However, with great tactical play the team was able to stand their ground and move on to the finals of the group.

NOA was not broken after their loss against RR:Unity and managed to defeat U Are Dead in the lower bracket, opening the road to revenge. The Korean and Russian teams waged war once again, but the result didn't change. While a close series, the Russians proved too strong, and defeated NOA to make their way to the playoffs.

The second day of the League Grand Finals will see the start of the playoffs. More teams will be sent home and more prize money will be earned. Tune in to! at 12:00 CET! For more information on the League Grand Finals, check out the official website.