Splatoon is coming to ESL Play with the Go4Splatoon cup series for Europe

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We are ready to roll out the red carpet for our newest Go4 tournament, the European Go4Splatoon cup series! Nintendo’s colorful shooter is getting set for weekly 4on4 tournaments, starting this weekend on September 11th. A fascinating prize is waiting at the end of the six-month season, as all players of the winning team will get their hands on Nintendo’s next video game system, code-named NX!

In typical Go4 fashion, teams will get the chance to compete on a weekly basis to accrue points based on their performance. Each month, the best teams will compete in the monthly finals, where the winners can secure themselves a spot for the grand finals in 2017. Along the way, teams will have tons of chances to score official Splatoon clothing, by winning in both the weekly and monthly cups.


The following game settings apply to the entire tournament:

  • 4on4
  • All matches are best-of-three
    • Game mode map one: Splat Zones
    • Game mode map two: Tower Control
    • Game mode map three: Rainmaker
  • Highest ranked team chooses map one, maps two and three are losers choice
  • All weapons and all maps enabled

Sign your team up for Go4Splatoon today!

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*Sorry, we had to work that pun in there