The stage is set as Week 5 of the European Halo Championship Series: Pro League concludes

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Our first match of the week was a clash between Prophecy and Infused. Prophecy was still yet to pick up a single win during the entire Fall season and Day 1 unfortunately proved to be no different for the team. While the talent is most certainly there, there’s just something not clicking amongst the roster and the team has struggled all season to find its feet.

Infused made quick work of Prophecy by ending the series in a 3-0 sweep and ultimately made Prophecy 0-9 in the Fall season. Prophecy still managed to impress during Game 3 of Rig Strongholds and proved once again that beneath what we see on stream there is still a pro team lurking in the shadows. Kimbo of Infused got a little too greedy and chased VexZeus down for a kill but ended up getting more than he bargained for...

The next matchup would see our top two teams of the season going up against each other in our match of the week. Vibe would take on FAB Esports and with only 63% of the community voting in favour of FAB to win the series it was completely unpredictable. The first match of the series fell in FAB’s favour with a 3-2 finish on Coliseum CTF.

Vibe didn’t back down and fought hard to bring it back in Game 2 giving us another intense match and ultimately tying the series up 1-1.

Unfortunately the victory was short lived for Vibe as they fell short in Games 3 and 4 to lose the series 3-1 against FAB and further cementing FAB as the number 1 team in Europe.

Pulse Gaming would take on VwS Gaming in the final series of Day 1. VwS had everything to gain from this series and what better way to do it than take out Pulse, arguably one of the most improved teams following the Summer season of the EU Pro League.

To kick things off with a bang Pulse ended up taking the first game of Rig Strongholds but that didn’t stop VwS’s Lunny from doing an excellent job at staying alive while his team was taking a beating.

Games 2 and 3 would also, unfortunately for VwS, end up in favour of Pulse as they defeated the UK legends in a seemingly quick 3-0. During Game 3 of Fathom CTF their was a glimmer of hope for VwS as Pulse’s CxLii managed to miss a flag capture during a 1-1 tie of overtime. Words cannot describe what happened in anyway so it’s best if we showed it to you...

Final Results of Day 1

  • Prophecy (0 - 3) Team Infused
  • Vibe (1 - 3) FAB Esports
  • Pulse Gaming (3 - 0) VwS Gaming


The first series of the evening would be between VwS Gaming and FAB Esports. As expected by most, Game 1 of Truth CTF belonged to FAB as we headed into double Plaza for Games 2 and 3.

FAB made quick work of VwS in both matches and won the series 3-0 and it was a shame to not see VwS put up more of a fight. The squad is talented but similar to Prophecy, something just wasn’t clicking this season. Hopefully in the future this team's talent can step up to the plate and take on some of Europe’s best provided both teams can survive relegation!

Speaking of Prophecy, the next series would be between them and Pulse Gaming. The Prophecy squad at this point had nothing to gain from this except from getting one series win.

Pulse quickly took the first two matches. Game 3 was Prophecy’s last chance to make a come back and put a single win on the board and sadly they were unable to capitalize as Pulse shut out the series 3-0 and solidified Prophecy’s final score as 0-10 for regular play in the Fall.

Punishr delivered some excellent Pistol shots to the face of Prophecy during the third and final match as seen above and with Pulse’s victory they confirmed their spot for the EU Pro League Fall Season finals next month!

The final series of not only Day 2 but regular play as a whole for the Fall season would be between Team Infused and Vibe, two top-tier teams in European Halo. These two teams were fighting for the second seed heading into finals so it was a much win series for both teams with a lot on the line!

Infused came out with a strong all guns blazing start during Game 1 - Eden Strongholds and quickly shut out Vibe 100 - 17!

However this would be a short lived victory for the team as Vibe were out for blood. They quickly turned it around during Game 2 and thanks to some amazing plays from captain Septiq and the raw slaying power from Qristola they tied the series 1-1.

Heading into Game 3 on our second match of Truth, the game was Capture the Flag and once again, the spoils went to Vibe making the series 2-1.

Game 4 would be a Plaza Strongholds match and Infused HAD to win this to earn the second seed for the finals next month. As the match started, it was a close game but the Vibe squad came out on top and forced Infused into third seed.

With that, we reached the end of regular play for the Fall season and had our four teams who are coming to the finals in December in seed order.

  1. FAB Esports
  2. Vibe
  3. Team Infused
  4. Pulse Gaming

Both VwS Gaming and Prophecy will be fighting it out in relegation against the top 2 Open Circuit teams to keep their Pro League spots. The 2 Open Circuit teams will be decided by the EU Open Circuit Finals which kicks off Saturday, November 26th at 3:00PM GMT and be streamed live on

You can catch the Europe Halo Championship Series Pro League Fall Season finals on December 3rd and 4th over on Be sure to follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page to keep up to date with all the latest HCS news and action. You can also find all the VoDs from the Pro League on our YouTube channel.